About Transforming Together

Civil servants are working on more transformation programmes than ever before, and the number is increasing. Teams must increasingly collaborate across traditional departmental boundaries. And the vote to leave the European Union has further heightened the need to be responsive and to be able to adapt to a changing environment.

We have recognised the need for a support network for practitioners, and a place to share and build up a body of knowledge of good practices that that can be reused across government.

Transforming Together was formed in 2015 to take a new, collaborative approach to supporting transformation around government. It takes the form of a series of events and community-organised workstreams, which focus on our shared challenges. Each transformation programme has its own blend of objectives, but three motivations are common to most: delivering government policy, driving efficiency savings, and building modern services that run seamlessly across government organisations to meet citizens’ and businesses’ needs and increasing expectations.

Some of the themes you can expect to see in this blog include ensuring we have the people with the right skills, techniques for delivering digitally-enabled major change in government, and making data easier to share across government whilst ensuring it is managed securely.

We’re all here to collaborate to make government work better for everyone.

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