About Transforming Together

Transformation is the focus of the Civil Service during this Parliament. Transforming Together is where colleagues from across government share their work and develop a joint approach to delivering transformation. 

Every part of government is looking at how to better meet user needs and achieve the savings required in the Spending Review. If we're going to deliver our plans, we're going to need to work together. The Digital Leaders Network have brought together a group of leaders to focus on delivering government transformation.

We are part of leading transformation within our individual departments and wider, across government. Our aim is to transform government together - so that we make it better for citizens and businesses using government services. We believe in working across the boundaries of our own departments or agencies; because that's how to deliver the things that meet user needs.

We'll be using this blog to tell you about how we're taking a new, collaborative approach to joining up the whole government. Our focus is on people, skills, how we work, and how we organise ourselves to transform.

We'll give you regular updates on how we are collaborating and building communities of interest, practice, and action.

We'll be inviting you to contribute and discuss your views on our posts.

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